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  • Relief and Normal map creator  v.0.1.0.betaThis software can be used for relief and normal maps calculation by 3D sculptors and designers. Reliefer can be called from Blender by means of Python script. It's a GPU-based visual computing application so requres OpenGL 2 compitable video ...
  • Tibia Map Tool  v.1.0A simple command line tool for merging Tibia maps and dumping them to BMP files. DOES NOT WORK WITH FLASH CLIENT MAPS (YET).
  • PixPlant  v.2PixPlant is a smart texturing tool that creates high quality seamless 3D textures from photos.
  • Bumpgen  v.1.0.2This tools, which goes into the same installation directory than QUIDAM, convert a Bump image file (grayscale) into a Normal Map (RGB). You can use it by simply dropping the Bump file that you want to convert onto the Bumpgen icon (or with the ...
  • MapTool_L  v.1.0A map tool with network support, allowing users to move icons or tokens on the map surface, with ...
  • Mapbox  v.1.0Mapbox - Wargame map tool intended for e-play of table top wargames. It will allow creation of maps, positioning of units, measuring distances (line-of-sight and on the ground), and the recording of visible and hidden locations.
  • SiteMapOrganizer  v. is a powerful web site map generating and processing tool that fully simplifies processes of crawling a web site, processing the web site map and generating the web site map in form of the xml file format.
  • SwiftGIS Silverlight MapViewer  v. CTPSilverlight Map Viewer is a .NET native GIS viewer control which allows developers to create interactive mapping application on the web browser. Packed with powerful AJAX interactive, simple API that makes coding easy. It is compatible with ...
  • Ignite-your web graphics companion  v.2.02Ignite is the essential web graphic tool for any web designer's tool kit!
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